Crowne Plaza Hotel Kuwait

Grand Hyatt Kuwait

For processing visitor visas through Hotel

Visa Requirements:

  1. Passport copy (valid for more than 6 months).
  2. Copy of GCC residency (if available) or College/University Certificate (for non-GCC Resident – this degree should be translated in Arabic from a certified translation company).
  3. Arabic Request letter from local Company in Kuwait, (in a specified format, on Company Letterhead & with authorized signatory) requesting the Hotel to process the visa and mentioning the following details: (Please ensure to match the occupation mentioned in the letter with the occupation mentioned in the GCC residency (if there) and with the reason of the visit)
    1. The Profession of the guests
    2. Detailed purpose of visit to Kuwait.
    3. Date and duration of stay
  4. The letter should be attached with the legal authorized signatory document (Itemad Takiya) which is mandatory
  5. Visa Processing Charges (as may be applicable to be paid to the Hotel directly (Credit card guarantee or Advance payment required). Original visa deposit fee may apply
  6. Hotel Room booking is required to apply for the visa
  7. Visa processing will take 3-4 working days to complete. And it is subjected to Immigration or/and CID approval. Visa validity will be only 1 month from the date of issue and It is mandatory for the guest to reside at the Hotel issuing the visa (the Sponsor) from the day of arrival until the actual day of departure from Kuwait and any violation of the same can be a criminal offense.

(1) Item 3 and 4 will be provided by the Organizers to the Hotel upon receiving Hotel booking confirmation.
(2) Any person requesting visa should be registered for the event as delegate or sponsor/exhibitor.

For a discounted price for the stay at event Hotel:
Please contact: +965 9732 8975