About the Kuwait Anesthesia and Critical Care Society (KACCS)

The Anesthesia and Critical Care Society falls under the umbrella of the Kuwait Medical Association (KMA) and follows the association's regulations. The story starts In 2004, when the former head of Kuwait Council of Anesthesia and Intensive Care Dr. Abdulraheem Al-Qattan called for the formation of the society. This ignited the enthusiasm of 5 consultants who joined efforts to establish the society. These consultants were Drs. Muhammed Al-Khashti, Muhammed Shamsah, Asmahan Al- Mulla, Abdul Hussein Al Magadi, Muhammed Behzad.

Over the years, the society strived to support major scientific activities held annually. Notably like any rare specialty with limited members, the society witnessed periods of action as well as inactivity, but the 2020 pandemic was one of the most active phases. Throughout the pandemic, the society encouraged anesthesiologists and intensivists locally to join under the leadership of the Ministry of Health COVID center’s ICUs. The society also developed useful social-media articles during the pandemic circulated to guide colleagues and public regarding the different challenges in COVID-19. Lately, In 2022, the Society e-mail was created (KACCS@kma.org.kw ) opening new horizons in reaching out to the world welcoming new opportunities and activities