Al-Farwaniya Hospital

ICU started in Farwaniya hospital in 1981 by six beds. It was located in the first floor beside the MOT in the present PACU recovery room. One bed was isolation room out of the total capcity. In 2000, Four beds added to the capacity to make a total ten beds. The extension was located in the place of OR 1 and 2 in the Main OR. In 2005, a multidisciplinary ICU organized under the department of anesthesia. ICU-1 situated in the first floor of the hospital near the surgical wards. It consisted of 17 ICU beds in the same area, flexible curtains separate beds. Two of these beds are regarded as isolation beds in two district rooms. Rooms are surrounded by visitors’ corridor.

ICU-2 was constructed in the year of 2009. It was situated in the first floor of the new building of the hospital. ICU-2 was consisted of 18 ICU beds; 10 beds of them are placed in five rooms with two bed in each room and 6 beds in separate rooms and two isolation beds in two district rooms separated from the other room by automatic glass door. In 2022 the New Hospital is anticipated to be open with a modern ICU.

  • Dr. Mohammad Bahzad 2004
  • Dr. Ali Malek 2005
  • Dr. Abdullah Al-Mutari 2006
  • Dr. Adel Al-Sarraf 2015
  • Dr. Nawaf Al-Subaie 2015

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