Mubrarak Al-Kabeer Hospital

Mubarak Hospital ICU was established with the opening of the hospital in 1982. The bed capacity was initially 10 beds, 3 isolation rooms and 7 general beds. It was fully operational and functional in 1985. In 1995, an additional 5 beds were added to be used as post operative beds. In 2005, the unit was completely redesigned and improved to increase its bed capacity to reach 20 beds and in 2014, this was increased further to accommodate 26 beds. Prominent intensivist whom worked in Mubarak Al-Kabeer Hospital:

  • Dr. Mohammad Bahzad 2004
  • Dr. Ali Malek 2005
  • Dr. Abdullah Al-Mutari 2006
  • Dr. Adel Al-Sarraf 2015
  • Dr. Nawaf Al-Subaie 2015

Critical Care Units in Ministry of Health Hospitals