Jaber Al-Ahmed Hospital

Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah hospital opened its doors in 2019. At that time, the ICU was open concept and it had limited capacity of active beds. In March 2020 with the COVID pandemic it became the national designated COVID center and it was necessary to establish a closed ICU unit that has the capacity for perform all advanced respiratory support, including prone ventilation and extracorporeal life support, and with establishing the Kuwait Extracorporeal Life Support Program, the unit was ready and well suited to provide these advanced therapies. During the pandemic, it was able to with the help of external intensivists, up to 8 Intensive care units were possible to run with 20 beds capacity each unit with one of the units being dedicated for ECMO and over 200 cases were done by that unit. By April 2022, the national designation was removed, and the hospital was ready to accept non COVID cases. Currently it has 20 active beds with the capacity to expand. It is a mixed medical and surgical ICU and a cardiothoracic ICU. It is heavily involved in research as well with involvement in multiple randomized controlled trials.

Critical Care Units in Ministry of Health Hospitals